3 Effecive Strategies for Teaching Young Kids Appropriate Behavior

As a parent, it is your job to teach your kids how to behave appropriately. Children aren’t born with the knowledge of what is and isn’t acceptable, so you need to be patient when teaching them how to respond in different situations. This can be difficult, especially if you have a child with special needs, but you can use these three tips to simplify the teaching process.

Model Good Behavior

Kids learn best through imitating behavior, so modeling the actions you want them to do is a highly effective strategy. You may have to change some of your routines to make sure your kids see you in different environments. For example, if your toddler will not sit still for a haircut regardless of which distraction techniques you try, you may want to consider visiting a family hair salon Leesburg VA so your child can watch you get a haircut and see what behavior is appropriate.

Gives Lots of Praise

Kids tend to respond better to praise than they do to criticism, so make sure you reward them for good behavior and try to ignore bad behavior. This strategy teaches children that bad behavior is not acceptable and does not get them what they want.

Be Consistent

When you’re trying to teach kids how to behave, it is important to be consistent. Children get confused easily if throwing toys is seen as cute one day but is punished the next. Similarly, it can be confusing if you use different punishments for the same bad behavior. Try to be consistent when disciplining your child by using the same technique for every bad behavior and implementing it every time you see said behavior.

Every parent has a different parenting style and it can be a learning curve trying to figure out how to teach your child the right behaviors. These three strategies can help you so you and your kid learn together.