3 Ways You Can Smile More This Year

If you have been struggling with dental issues, you know how hard it is to greet the day with a big smile. Conditions such as missing teeth and enamel discoloration can cause the most confident person to feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry services provide simple answers ranging from tooth whitening to implant supported dentures Vero Beach FL, so take time to discover these three ways you can smile and laugh a lot more this year.

1. Beyond Cleaning

Even the most thorough cleaning will not restore stained teeth to their original whiteness. This does not mean you should skip your visit to the hygienist, but it does mean you should inquire about additional treatments that address discoloration. A good healthcare professional will first recommend that you discontinue use of staining agents like tobacco. Once you eliminate any harmful agents, your dentist can discuss bonding, veneers and whitening solutions with you to determine which method fits your situation.

2. Complete the Picture

People of all ages find themselves requiring tooth extractions. Faced with missing one or several teeth can be psychologically difficult, but looking in the mirror has an even bigger impact. Though it may seem like a cosmetic fix, replacing missing teeth also helps maintain a solid bite and minimizes damage on teeth that may over compensate for the empty space. In these conditions, make sure you ask about dental implants, denture options, bridges and more. Not only will completing your smile make you feel better, it is also healthy.

3. Seek Out Educated Professionals

Some procedures are cleverly marketed, and they come across to the public as ideal solutions. Though your dentist may not utlilize that particular technique, do not despair. High-quality dental health professionals will be fully educated on the latest products and services, but they will also know which ones are truly useful. As you consider the many choices available to you, it is wise to work with a clinic that can answer all of your questions honestly, no matter what service becomes the topic of conversation.