Ankle Swelling and Leg Cramp Relief For Pregnant Women

Ankle Swelling and Leg Cramp Relief For Pregnant Women

Some common conditions that pregnant women face are ankle swelling, wrist swelling, and leg cramps. These can easily be remedied or prevented altogether by paying more attention to our pillars of support – the legs and feet! In pregnancy, swollen ankles and feet usually need three simple things: hydration, rotation and elevation of the legs.


Women often respond to swelling by choosing to drink less fluids as they believe this will only increase the amount of fluid the body can hold onto. But often, the opposite is the case. Swelling can become aggravated in hotter weather as we dehydrate more easily, causing the body to retain fluid in response to increased salt levels in the body. It is also much easier to dehydrate while pregnant as you are supporting two life systems and expending more energy to do so. When swelling creeps ups, try drinking more water to aid the balance of salts throughout the body and flush the system.


If you are sitting at a desk for the most of the day, allow yourself brief breaks to walk around the office. Then sit away from your desk and circle the ankles and wrists in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction for several rotations. Ankles in particular can also be rotated while you continue to work at your desk. These simple ankle pain and wrist pain exercises will alleviate stiffness and stimulate the production of synovial fluid within the joint capsule, which helps lubricate the joint for greater freedom of movement. Rotation also stimulates the small lymph vessels located around the ankles, which help to filter the blood of excess fluid and reduce swelling.


In the evening while sitting on the sofa, take the opportunity to elevate arms above your head, perhaps resting them on the top of the sofa, which will allow fluid to drain from the wrists. Rest legs on a coffee table or side table piled with cushions to the desired height so that ankles can also receive the benefits.

Leg Cramp Relief

Waking up in the middle of the night with severe cramps in one or both calves is a common occurrence in pregnancy and can be the result of fatigue, dehydration or lack of mobility through the legs and hips caused by long hours of sitting or standing. Muscle cramps can often easily be remedied with a tall glass or two of water. Simple calf stretches throughout your day or before you go to bed are also an effective way to relax the calf muscles and prevent cramping in the middle of the night. A targeted yoga therapy routine will help facilitate this.

Strong and supple feet and legs allow you to gather more support from the earth…which all Earth Mamas should take advantage of! This support can help to release congestion in the lower back and spine so that you find greater length all the way up the back to the crown of your head. Follow these baby steps and discover that the feet offer a path of healing for the whole body that will sustain you through your entire pregnancy and beyond.