Bikram Yoga – Is it Dangerous Or Not?

Bikram Yoga – Is it Dangerous Or Not?

Well, you might have a slight doubt if doing Yoga can harm your body. You might ask if it is really dangerous. A lot of people have different opinions about this issue. Apparently, Yoga fanatics will definitely take no for an answer. But, there are other individuals who started to feel back aches and other muscle cramps.

Medical experts and physical therapists have also their side on this. According to them, since this activity is done in a heated room there can be some side effects to the human body. As we all know, heat increases the flexibility of the muscles, but stretching the muscles should only fall between the normal percentage of its resting length. Beyond that, it is already considered unhealthy, it can damage the muscles.

It was found that excessive eagerness and competition among the students can cause injuries. This is because they are much enthusiastic to perform the postures and show their best to other students. There are instances that you tend to forget your limits whenever you are in the mood for exhibiting what you can do. 

Whenever you attend your Hot Yoga class, you have to drink more than one glass of water. This is because you are staying in a room with high temperature; there is a tendency that you might get dehydrated. You will sweat a lot so you will loose more fluids in your body, so there is really a need to replace them by drinking lots of water.

On a positive note, Bikram Yoga is not that bad after all. There can still be countless benefits that it can do to your body. It conditions you physically, mentally and spiritually. Once you start to join classes, you can gradually see the results. However, you also have to possess the right kind of attitude. Even if you work hard on attending Bikram Yoga classes but still very pessimistic about it, you can never achieve anything. You are just wasting your time.

You do not have to worry about the bad experiences that you hear from your classmates or friends. Everyone has its own capabilities. Maybe their bodies have lower extremity when it comes to such kind of physical activity. Physical therapists say that it will all depend on the ability of the students, whether they can tolerate doing every posture or not. They just have to assess if their bodies can sustain the level of difficulty of every position. You do not have to push your limits to the top, try to do it slowly until you can perfectly do it. Being impatient can lead you to severe injury.

Always bear in mind that performing Bikram Yoga teaches you to be disciplined and focus. Doing more is not a good habit. You have to do everything in moderation. This goes whenever you perform any position in your Yoga class. Try not to overdo your stretching. You may not feel the bad effect immediately, but you will if you continuously do it. Unknowingly, you are already leading yourself to a serious damage of your muscles. Remember, you are attending Bikram Yoga classes to stay fit and healthy. Make sure that it should not be the other way around.