Breast-feeding Moms Plus Breast-feeding Information Plus Support Equals Quality Child Care

Breast-feeding Moms Plus Breast-feeding Information Plus Support Equals Quality Child Care

Will you change my diaper please? I’m hungry, I’m ready to eat. Whine! Whine!. Well mommy, you know that’s the sound of the new kid on the block. Moms, are you ready for this newcomer? Well, we want to remind you that baby care should be top on your priority list.

We would like to share with you helpful suggestions and professional help on Prenatal and Postnatal care. This care will benefit both you and the baby.

What Moms Can Do To Insure Good Health Before and During The Breast-feeding Period.

Breast-feeding is the original form of baby feeding.– it is as natural as drinking water. Moms, here are some helpful tips from the American Medical Association(AMA) on staying healthy during pregnancy:

Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Maintain good vitamin B12 levels– a deficiency in infants can cause permanent brain damage.

Get enough calcium… 18 years and under 1,300mg… 19 years and older 1,000mg.

Exercise safely…


*Can help ease and prevent the aches and pains of pregnancy.

*Regular exercise may improve sleep during pregnancy.

*Active women seem to be better prepared for labor and delivery.

*May lower the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy.

How The Baby Benefits From It’s Mothers Health During The Breast-feeding Period.

Baby gets needed nutrients from it’s mom through the Placenta.(American Medical Association)

Protected from the ravages of the environment.. water and air.(American Medical Association)

Babies that are breast-feed suffers from fewer infectious diseases, especially ear infections, pneumonia, allergy problem and fewer cases of cancer including lymphoma, leukemia, bone and brain tumors.(Dr. Jimmy Gutman.. leading expert on Glutathione and the Immune System)

Breast-feeding profoundly affects the baby’s immune function by giving it high levels of glutathione precursors.(Dr. Jimmy Gutman’s book ‘Glutathione.. Your Key To Health’ page 168)

Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Breast-feeding, baby care. Can someone please help me?.

Moms, we know if this is your first time experience, you may have many questions. Education, guidance and support will empower you to attain and maintain health and wellness through the Prenatal and Postnatal period. You’ll Be Just Fine. We Are Here For You.

I am sure you will agree moms, that staying healthy, breast-feeding and child-birth care is by far Mother’s Choice. We invite you moms to take advantage of the provisions that offers pregnancy and breast-feeding services, along with Prenatal and Postnatal education.

Breast-feeding is the original form of baby feeding — it is as natural as drinking water.

Whine! whine! OK, my little china doll, are you ready to eat?