Cat Bad Breath – Know Its Causes and Treatments

Cat Bad Breath – Know Its Causes and Treatments

Your precious cat is starting to smell weird despite its usual cat odor. There is something wrong and you can’t pinpoint what it is. When you tried kissing your cat, you are shocked! That’s where the bad odor is coming from. Your cat has cat bad breath and it’s really concerning you. Bad breath or Halitosis is caused by a variety of underlying medical conditions. If your cat has unhealthy gums and tooth decay, this is probably what is causing this. You must get to the root cause and treat it as soon as possible.

1. Dangers of Bad Breath in Cats

Cat’s unpleasant breath may not be a big deal for some pet owners but what they do not know is that this can lead to other serious health conditions. If your cat is suffering from dental problems, it can lead to pain and infection in the mouth. Bacteria accumulate in the gums which can be easily transported through different organs in the body through its rich blood supply. Once bacteria reach the liver, heart or kidney, it can lead to your cat’s organ damage or failure.

2. Causes of Bad Breath in Cats

Just like in humans, it can also be caused by several things ranging from mild to severe causes. What causes your it for your cat? It can be Gingivitis (gum problems), Stomatitis (stomach problems), tooth decay and abscess (infection), Diabetes, Liver or Kidney disease, mouth cancer or gastrointestinal problems. To make sure you determine what is causing this, it is essential that you consult a veterinarian so he can run some tests. He can perform an X-ray on the teeth, FIV tests or liver or kidney function tests.

3. Treatment for Bad Breath in Cats

The best way to treat this problem is to let the veterinarian handle it especially if it’s a severe case. The veterinarian can remove calculus in your cat’s teeth and polish it. He will remove any diseased teeth. He can also provide treatment to enable the kidney or liver to function better.

If your cat’s bad breath is very mild. You can do something to remedy this at home. For one, brush his teeth regularly with cat toothbrush and toothpaste. There are special formulations to reduce formulation of tartar and plaque on cats. Second, always bring your cat to the veterinarian for his annual checkup. You can also get him checked twice a year. Lastly, some will recommend that you feed raw bones and necks from chicken to your cat. However, there are risks associated with this so better talk to your vet first.

We know how much you love your cat and you love to snuggle with him on the couch. But when your cat has cat bad breath, you better get him checked immediately before any other serious medical condition develops.