Controlling Back Pain the Natural Way

The back is made up of several muscles, ligaments and tendons. Your spine runs through all of these tissues. The nervous system is essentially concentrated in this area, so it makes sense that pain might be a factor for some people. There are several ways that you can tackle back pain without major surgery. Learn all about your options right here.

Using Gravity

Inversion tables may look unusual, but they do serve a purpose. By hanging upside down on an inversion table for a few minutes, you allow gravity to perform its work. The vertebrae can release their tension and stretch out. Some people find this solution to be the best one for them. Hang once a day for only a few minutes to safely stretch the back.

Focusing on the Core

The back and the abdominals are linked together in a structure called the core. These front and back muscles work together so that you can bend in almost any direction. Part of having a back problem may be due to the lack of strength in the abdominals. Strengthen the abs by performing sit-ups or knee raises. Side bends are another good strengthening tool. You want a circle of strength to surround your torso to take strain off of your back.

Seeking Professional Help

Some people have back pain that’s extremely intense and chronic at the same time. Think about visiting a professional, such as back pain treatment Jacksonville FL. These experts dedicate their careers to back pain and its solutions.

Relieving the pain might include injections, such as steroids and other substances. A doctor must look at your particular situation in order to verify the best procedure. Surgeries aren’t the only choices in today’s advanced medical industry.

Your lifestyle plays a huge role in back health. Consider a diet that’s rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. A healthy diet and active lifestyle lead to a leaner body, which can relieve pain in the back. At the end of the day, you’ll feel better than before with a whole-body makeover.