Custom Molded Chocolates – Beginner’s Course Part 7

Custom Molded Chocolates – Beginner’s Course Part 7

One of the most popular versions of chocolate candy which is growing more and more in popularity as the seasons go by is flavored chocolate candies. People are no longer as interested in the plain versions of just a chocolate bar or a bar with nuts.

By adding hot and spicy additions to your chocolates, a more mellowed version of the hot and fiery blends added to the sweetness of chocolate will create a tongue tingling version which can make your hair stand on end but still you just keep coming back for more.

More popular though is adding the flavors of raspberry to dark chocolate (the sweet fruit with the bite of a good quality dark chocolate is an excellent combination) or how about trying the milk chocolate with a light touch of amaretto or hazelnut. Any of your milder flavors complement the sweetness of milk chocolate.

With a little bit of practice you can become an expert at making different flavoring blends in no time.

Melt your chocolate wafers per the instructions in lesson 1.

Purchase some candy flavoring oils to begin your journey into flavored chocolates. It is very important to remember, never use any bottle called an extract — these flavors are water-based. You can not mix the oils of chocolate with a water-based liquid. Equally important, adding fresh fruits, whether they are mashed, pureed or whatever, will yield the same impossible results. Chocolate is an oil-based product. It will not stir into the water-based liquids effectively.

Stir in 1-2 drops per each one pound of melted chocolate. This is easiest if you use an eyedropper. Add the oils, stir and taste. If you can sense just a hint of your flavor, stop there. An oil-based flavoring agent will intensify in flavor with time as the chocolate absorbs the flavor and aroma. If you would keep adding more drops until you like the flavor today, within the next few days your candy will be too strong to eat.

After you have reached the flavor consistency you like, reheat the chocolate back to pouring temperature, stir and then finish pouring in whichever design of mold you prefer.

Some more popular flavor combinations include key lime or peanut butter in milk chocolate, almost any of the fruit flavors like orange or cherry with dark chocolate and if you happen to be a fan of white chocolate, the mild flavors of butter, cheesecake, almond etc. are often the most popular selections.

Experiment with the different flavor or add flavors together into different combinations and create your own signature line of chocolates which is most popular with your friends and family.