Feel Great and Healthy With Yoga During Pregnancy

Feel Great and Healthy With Yoga During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is all about being proud and feeling great. Feeling proud because you only being a woman can get pregnant (your spouse is not able to do it) and great because it does a lot and lots of good to you emotionally, physically and psychologically. Pregnancy experiences and excitement, the very feeling giving birth to a child makes every woman thrilled.

There are chemically many changes that take place in a woman’s body when she gets pregnant. The body adjusts to suit itself for the new foetus developing as a part of it. There are a lot of feel good hormones released. You really feel great when you are pregnant. We prefer to have a chat with our mothers, aunts and grannies for many many clarifications related to the different experiences during pregnancy.

A healthy baby resides and takes birth naturally and easily from a healthy and balanced mind and body. So it becomes necessary in more than one way to remain balanced and retain your balance physically and emotionally. Generally during her entire fertility period in a life time, a woman secretes estrogen hormone on a continuous basis and pregnancy is a welcome break to this. Because continuous secretion of estrogen over a period of years is known to cause cancer if not checked early.

Moreover, the feeling of being able to create and nurture another being inside you is a wonderful feeling in itself. One successful experience of pregnancy is enough to sustain you for a life. One pregnancy will give you so much joy and fond memories that it will take more than a life time to celebrate the joys over and over again. All the pains of morning sickness, the sleeplessness, the shaped out body, the midnight pangs of hunger, the labor pain as such, any other discomfort – vanishes into thin air when you have your bundle of joy in your hands.

Yoga is one way to focus your energy to feel good about yourself and your baby. Yoga as such is good if you practice it along with a qualified and trained instructor. If you are asked by your doctor not to practice yoga during the first trimester, then it is because the body needs time to suit itself to welcome the baby. During this time, if the body is pressurized, that too in a wrong way, it may totally discard the fetus.

Hence, to focus your energies, remain positive throughout your pregnancy, to align your mind and body on the right and healthy path, go for pregnancy yoga. You will not only feel great about the whole experience but you will also align the brain and mind of your baby to be positive about life. Trust me, the results are for you to see much later!! even after 25 , be focused and energized with pregnancy yoga.