Helping Your Aging Family Member Stay Comfortable at Home

If you have a family member that is getting older, you might be wondering about what you can do to keep them comfortable in their home. Many older individuals do not want to leave their current residence for a nursing home, and there are several benefits to allowing them to live at home for as long as possible. Here are some ideas to help make it easier for both parties.

Find Aids to Help in Daily Activities

Look for ways to make daily activities easier. This could involve installing supports in the bathroom so they have something to grab on to when using the toilet or bathtub, or it could be using a service like Instacart to get their groceries delivered directly to the house. If you can remove some of the hassles from their daily life, this can ensure your family member is comfortable and not overexerting themselves or in a dangerous situation when you are not around.

Seek Out In-Home Care

In-home care can be a useful way to have someone other than you help your family member. In-home health aides often perform tasks such as light cleaning, cooking, helping an individual get dressed or take a shower, and even take them places, such as shopping or meeting with friends. You can find adult care at home Massachusetts that can make everyone’s life easier.

Check With Them Regularly

If you cannot get out to see your family member often, make a point to check in with them. Talking to them regularly either via Skype or on the phone can help them feel less lonely, and give you a chance to find out what is going on in their daily life, even if you aren’t right there next to them.

There are many ways you can help your older family member feel comfortable at home. Work together, and you can find solutions you both agree on.