How to Begin Planning a Funeral

Making arrangements for the funeral for a loved one is never easy. There are many complicated logistical and financial matters to consider, and it is difficult to make these decisions with a clear head, let alone when you are grieving. By taking the steps outlined below, you will be well on your way to finalizing all of the necessary arrangements.

Decide How to Handle the Body

You have several options when it comes to how your loved one’s body will be handled. Two of the most popular options are burial, performed by an organization that specializes in burial services Brooklyn NY, and cremation. Burial involves burying the body in a cemetery plot or mausoleum, while cremation uses heat to reduce the body to ashes (which you may bury, scatter or keep). Traditional burial is more expensive than cremation since it usually involves the purchase of a casket and headstone as well as a plot. Consider what your loved one would have wanted and make the decision that feels most appropriate.

Think Through the Service

How do you, your family and your friends want to say goodbye to your loved one? If you ascribe to a particular religious tradition, you may wish to have a religious leader, such as a priest or rabbi, lead the service. If you would prefer a longer service, you may ask several people who knew the deceased to speak or play a meaningful piece of music. If you would like to give attendees the opportunity to gather after the service, reserving a private room at a local restaurant may be a good idea.

Grief after the death of a loved one can feel crushing, and making funeral plans can be extremely taxing in this time of immense sorrow. An effective way to cope is to make one small decision at a time, beginning with basic ones and proceeding from there, and to confide in family and friends.