It’s All About the Paperwork

Running a medical practice is a challenging job. You have a variety of patients coming and going, and there are so many procedures to take care of that you and your nursing staff are overwhelmed. It’s easy to forget about your paperwork in this chaotic environment, but to ensure you have all the revenue you’re entitled to, take these steps now.

Review Your CDM

Your CDM charge master is a helpful tool for keeping track of each department’s billing. However, if too many entries are made every day, the program becomes disorganized and doesn’t handle claims as accurately. Monitor your CDM and ask for professional assistance if you realize that some customers aren’t getting billed.

Stay on Top of Insurance

Healthcare insurance is a controversial and complicated topic, but you must know all your patients’ insurance information before they receive treatment. That way, they don’t accept procedures that their insurance doesn’t cover and they can’t afford out of pocket. To simplify this process, keep track of the main insurance companies your patients use and their changing programs.

Use Online Document Storage

If you still keep all your paperwork in filing cabinets, it’s time to upgrade your system to one in the cloud. Scan paper documents to upload them or have patients fill out paperwork on tablets or computers. That way, you can easily access these documents at any point during your appointments, and you don’t have to worry about the papers getting damaged. Many systems are designed for medical purposes, so they’re extremely secure.

Your favorite part of running a medical practice is interacting with patients, not filling out paperwork. However, unless you take these steps, you risk missing payments and losing important information about your patients. You not only save money, but you also improve your patients’ experiences by implementing these systems.