Power Greens: Vegetables on the Go

A good variety of vegetables is essential to a well-rounded diet. It is now easy to get the recommended servings of vegetables through powdered supplements like Numedica Power Greens. These natural supplements contain key ingredients to boost a diet and provide the needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for the body to function.

What are Power Greens?

These natural supplements provide the benefits of vegetables in a powder form. While the powder can be easily added to a glass of water or a morning smoothie, it can also be used unconventionally by adding to homemade soups and salad dressings. Power greens are typically low in calories and can also be found in organic, vegan, or non-GMO varieties. While the list of ingredients varies from brand to brand, they usually contain high levels of vitamins like A, C and K and minerals like calcium and iodine. Other ingredients in power greens can include:

  • Leafy greens like spinach
  • Vegetables like broccoli
  • Fruits like raspberries
  • Probiotics
  • Sugar substitutes
  • Extra fiber

What are the Benefits of Power Greens?

Since power greens are high in vitamins and antioxidants, adding them into a regular diet can increase the immune system’s ability to defend itself. Power greens can help boost the body’s natural ability to create antibodies, and if a person suffers from chronic diseases, power greens can decrease inflammation and speed up recovery.

Power greens are also known for their ability to help detoxify the body. The liver and the kidneys clear the body of toxins, but power greens can increase their natural function. Power greens work with the liver by decreasing the production of cells called free radicals. Free radicals are cells released by the body that can cause inflammation and damage to organs.

By adding power greens to a balanced diet, you can boost your body’s ability to protect itself. This extra boost can improve your ability to fight off diseases, increase your overall energy, and improve your mental clarity.