The Hazards of Excessive Screen Time on Health

The Hazards of Excessive Screen Time on Health

In our modern, technology-driven world, excessive screen time has become a pervasive issue that significantly impacts our overall well-being. From smartphones to computers and televisions, screens are an integral part of daily life for many. However, the consequences of prolonged screen exposure extend beyond eye strain. Let’s explore the various ways excessive screen time can negatively affect our health.

Eye Strain and Digital Eye Fatigue

One of the most immediate effects

Ignoring Mental Disorder Health: A Dangerous Oversight

The Hidden Perils: Ignoring Mental Disorder Health

In the intricate landscape of overall well-being, mental health holds a pivotal role. However, ignoring the health of the mind, especially in the context of mental disorders, can lead to serious consequences, impacting individuals and those around them.

The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Mental health concerns often carry a stigma that discourages individuals from seeking help. Ignoring mental disorder health perpetuates this stigma, creating a barrier to open conversations and preventing timely