The Right Kind of Baby Food For Your Baby

While in the first six months or so of a baby’s life, they receive all their nutrition from breast milk or formula feedings. Following that time period, the baby’s parents generally choose baby food for their little one. There is a large variety of different foods to choose from, including the likes of different fruits, vegetables, and much more. How they are prepared varies on the baby’s age, and of course how many teeth they have. As an example, a baby just starting out eating solid foods needs well pureed food, while a baby who is older and has a few teeth can eat baby food with small chunks of food in it to practice chewing and biting.

A great way to start your baby on solids is by introducing rice cereal. Once your baby becomes accustomed to swallowing thicker substances like rice cereal, you can also try oatmeal. Both of these options provide an essential nutrient that babies need to grow properly, iron. There are a multitude of other baby foods you can introduce to your baby including bananas, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, and much more. Depending on your baby’s age, you can give your baby solids starting out with once a day, and gradually moving to twice a day. As the baby approaches his or her first year you can do three solid meals per day.

When it comes to liquids, it is advised to only give your baby breast milk or infant formula for the first year. Water can be used supplementary as needed during hot weather after 6 months of age. Juices are not recommended to be given to babies often since they contain excess amounts of sugar.