What is a Bikram Yoga Mat and What’s it Used For?

What is a Bikram Yoga Mat and What’s it Used For?

Amanda was interested in yoga so she joined a Ashtanga yoga class. She had never done yoga before but was anxious and excited to start. While at her first class, she met someone who had talked her into going to a hot yoga class instead. Amanda was not sure what this type of yoga was, but she went to learn more.

While she was with the girl, she was asked what type of mat she wanted from two different colors. She thought that her Ashtanga mat would work, but the girl told her that a different type of mat was used for Bikram yoga, which is also known as hot yoga. The mats are thicker and are designed especially for hot yoga. A Bikram yoga mat is what you use.

So what is a Bikram mat anyways?

• Mat that can be washed

• Thicker than normal mats

• Mats contain friction

• These mats absorb the sweat

• Mats come in different sizes

Bikram yoga is also known as hot yoga because you sweat. This type of yoga is done in a room that is heated. This is why you sweat, however toxins are eliminated from the body. This type of yoga is very effective, and a Bikram yoga mat can help absorb sweat easier.

Bikram yoga doesn’t really require a certain type of mat, however thicker ones are a bit better, as this type of yoga makes you sweat more. If you attend these yoga classes on a regular basis, you may benefit from this mat better than any others. Slips and falls are reduced and in some cases eliminated. There is extra friction added due to the excessive amount of sweat you may experience.

These mats can come in a variety of colors and sizes, and choosing one is all a matter of your personal preference. Because of the amount you sweat, larger mats can come in handy. They are also great for allowing you to have more space to move around on. You get more protection from falls with larger and thicker ones.

As far as thickness of the mat goes, this too is personal preference. Thicker ones absorb more sweat, and some feel thinner ones are better, as you can connect with the ground better. These mats can range in price, and can be fairly reasonable to higher pricing. There are many sites that offer great deals on these mats.