What Is Milk Thistle And How Is It Helping Americans?

What Is Milk Thistle And How Is It Helping Americans?

Milk thistle originally came from the Mediterranean regions of Europe, the middle east, and north Africa. The name comes from features of the actual supplement: they have splashes of white and contain a milky texture. Milk Thistle seeds have been used for Thousands of years to treat the liver. Many liver problems have benefitted from the use of the thistle. Some of the problems it has been used for include chronic liver disease and to protect the liver from harmful toxins.

Research into the possible medicinal benefits has been conducted in many countries but the quality of the research has never been up to par. Now research is showing that is truly has a positive effect on protecting the liver and preventing harmful conditions from developing. Milk Thistle is now being widely recognized as a great supplement in the fight against chronic hepatitis, liver damage, as well as many gallbladder disorders. Studies taken show that when silymarin is used in much higher dosage levels that it was typically biologically active and had many therapeutic effects on general health and liver function.

Not only is milk thistle widely used in liver functions but it is an herb that is also now being considered for oncology research and treatment. The silymarin is shown to have possessed a potent chemo preventive activity against colon carcinogens in many rodent creatures. These tests have yet to include human’s but the medical field is very intrigued about the possibilities.

The use of Milk Thistle is very common around the world. Many third world countries look to the herb as a natural supplement to help fight many ailments that may be occurring. The usage has varied from country to country but Europe seems to be a major source of the herb. The United States is now more recently becoming more inquisitive about the supplement and its many benefits. With many people in the United States suffering from many chronic liver problems it seems obvious that we would begin to look towards this moderately priced herb to provide some sense of relief and possibility.

While it hasn’t quite taken mainstream grasp yet, 2011 looks to be a very intriguing year for milk thistle. Doctors around the world are taking note and beginning to pay close attention to the potential benefits of the herb that has been right under our nose for years. People with liver problems can soon begin to breathe a sigh of relief-help is coming. Milk Thistle is on its way.

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