Wish You Had an Ice Cream Maker?

Wish You Had an Ice Cream Maker?

If you are in the market for a milk shake blender than you cannot go wrong when purchasing the Oster 6627 100-Watt Milkshake Drink Mixer. It has a two speed switch control for making smoothies as well as shakes. Its heavy duty motor and commercial design combines the ingredients for a thick drink and does so rapidly.

The milk shake blender has a 28-ounce stainless steel cup which will keep your drink very cold. Stability is maintained due to the die cast chrome construction. A safety feature is if the stainless cup is not in place, than the milk shake blender will not start, thus alleviating safety concerns for parents with small children.

The Oster also comes with aeration discs which provide thick frothy drinks. Five reasons which make this drink mixer worth purchasing include…

• You can whip up super thick shakes

• Smooth shakes are made within a matter of minutes

• The milk shake blender does not clog up when making thick shakes

• Its safety feature of not starting when the cup is not in place prevents major accidents

• A lot of ice cream is turned into a smooth, frothy drink

The Oster makes a great gift idea to carry through year after year. Grandchildren will enjoy thick shakes after dinner. The price is reasonable and milkshakes are created the old fashioned way.

If kitchen space is at its premium, the milk shake blender will not take too much room. It can be stored in a corner, tucked in and ready for the next family get together.

For super thick shakes whipped in a matter of minutes with a lot of ice cream, than the Oster milk shake blender is just the ticket for those individuals who need a reason to indulge without having to count those calories.