Controlling Back Pain the Natural Way

The back is made up of several muscles, ligaments and tendons. Your spine runs through all of these tissues. The nervous system is essentially concentrated in this area, so it makes sense that pain might be a factor for some people. There are several ways that you can tackle back pain without major surgery. Learn all about your options right here.

Using Gravity

Inversion tables may look unusual, but they do serve a purpose. By hanging upside down …

Fostering Innovation and Excellence in Hospitals

Fostering Innovation and Excellence in Hospitals. Hospitals across the country face increasing pressure to provide high-quality care while also controlling costs. This requires a focus on innovation and excellence at all levels of hospital operations. Behavioral health consulting firms can be valuable partners in helping hospitals foster the type of environment that leads to better outcomes through innovation.

Driving Cultural Change

One of the biggest obstacles that hospitals face when trying to encourage innovation is overcoming entrenched cultural …

Should I Consider Medical Cannabis to Treat Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the conditions for which some doctors recommend medical cannabis. Other conditions include cancer, seizure disorders, and PTSD. If you are a chronic pain patient, perhaps you are thinking about trying medical cannabis yourself. But should you? Is doing so in your best interests?


The only people truly qualified to answer that question are you and your medical provider. You know how you feel better more than anyone else. Likewise, your medical provider has …