Improve Your CNA Status With These Tips

Nursing assistants, also called CNAs, are a part of the front line process for patient care. These individuals form a professional nursing team that supports the care of residents in nursing homes or long-term care facilities. With the help of healthcare staffing Chicago IL companies, it may not take long to find a great place to put your nursing skills to use. However, the following tips can help you be better at your job providing care for patients.

Remember to Carry a Notebook

You will probably be wearing scrubs while at work, so find a pocket-sized notebook to slip into the pocket when you clock in. Each patient will have unique needs or concerns, and in the hustle and bustle of the day, you may be quick to forget what someone wanted. You can write down questions that you have or that your patients have asked but that you don’t know the answer to. At the end of your shift, make sure you have covered everything you had written down.

Ask Questions Without Fear

When it comes to the health and safety of individuals, no question should make you feel stupid or ashamed. There is a lot to learn about healthcare and nursing, so much so that it doesn’t all get covered during your CNA training course. Ask the supervising nurse or other seasoned nursing staff your questions before trying something and making a mistake. Communicate with any other nursing assistants before they leave their shift so you have an idea of where you should start your rounds.

Stay Organized

It is very important that you document everything you do in a patient’s chart. The more you stay organized, the easier it is to make sure information and procedures are done and recorded accurately.

Working as a CNA is a rewarding career. When you are good at your job, you are providing a better quality of life to your patients, while pursuing your own career goals.