Jack Russell Health Issues

Jack Russell Health Issues

If you are a Jack Russell owner, then it would be best if you had an idea as to the different Jack Russell health problems which you may encounter. Knowing the symptoms and the effects of these diseases will certainly give you a glimpse as to how you can cope up with them, and how you can prevent them from happening.

It must always be taken into account that there may be diseases which tend to show the same symptoms. This is why it would be best to be familiar with all of them. Through the proper knowledge, you can arm yourself with the means and methods of coping with the disease. This will likewise help you decide as to whether you will the need the help of a professional or not.

Just liken in humans, Jack Russell health problems must not be taken lightly. After all, what is at risk with your negligence is not only the enjoyment of your dog, but his life as well! Take a look at the different kinds of diseases. And try to check if your dog has them:

Hereditary Cataracts. This is one of the common Jack Russell Health problems which can be found in older dogs of the breed. If you notice that your dog is experiencing some problems with its sight, or that the lens of the eye seems to be a bit opaque or a bit cloudy, then maybe it would be best if you had your beloved dog checked. If he has cataracts, a medical procedure can certainly help him rid of it.

Lens Luxation. This is quite common among the different dogs belonging to this breed. More often than not, this is an inherited disease, which results to the lens or lenses of your dog’s eye to become partially or completely dislocated. This might lead to blindness, and while left untreated, this is quite painful for your dog.

Chryptorchidism. This condition is caused when one or two of his testicles do not descend into the scrotum. Obviously, this problem is only found in male Jack terriers. Breeding may be affected by this condition. Hence, if you are planning on breeding your terrier your dog, you must do so with caution.

Cardiomyopathy. If you observe that your dog seems to be having a hard time when breathing or makes wheezing sounds when breathing, he may have this disease, and hence, you should have him checked. This disease has serious implications, and it may even lead to death.

After all of these Jack Russell health problems have been considered, it can be gleaned that the best way to cure these diseases is prevention. Have your dog regularly checked by a professional. Through this, you can be assured that the two of you will have a longer time together.