Learn About the Latest Milk Thistle Promotions

Learn About the Latest Milk Thistle Promotions

Let’s face it. It’s not unusual to see milk thistle promotions. Companies seem to be “slashing” prices, sometimes by a significant amount. It almost makes you wonder why.

If a supplement is popular, sells well and works well for people that use it, then reducing the price wouldn’t make sense, unless the markup was a lot higher than it needed to be in the first place. When you see an ad saying “70% off”, it stands to reason that the retail price was 70% higher than it should have been.

Some supplement companies work to provide the highest quality ingredients for the most affordable price. But, that’s unusual. Most are concerned mostly about profits.

One reason that companies may be running milk thistle promotions right now is because more people are learning that the single-ingredient supplements are not the best investment. When it comes to silymarin, the active component in milk thistle and research has proven that very little ends up in the bloodstream, unless it is taken with other absorption-enhancing nutrients.

If silymarin does not make it to the bloodstream, then there is no point in taking it. No matter how little it costs, it’s still a waste of money.

Studies indicate that a 560-700mg dose is necessary to overcome the poor absorption or “low bioavailability” of silymarin. Although high doses are not known to be toxic, they are not recommended, either.

It is always important to follow the supplement manufacturer’s dosage recommendations, regardless of what you read about mega-doses. More is not always better. Basic nutrients like vitamin E are toxic at high doses. It stands to reason that a super high dose of any plant extract could be toxic, too.

All of his explains why there are so many milk thistle promotions going on, right now. Companies are trying to get rid of their stocks of single-ingredient supplements, before they come out with something “new and improved”. That’s probably their plan.

The new and improved supplement will probably contain lecithin, a fatty substance found in soy and other plant foods. One study showed that 10 times as much silymarin was absorbed into the bloodstream, when it was taken with lecithin. Lecithin supplementation may be beneficial to your health, too. Not just because it enhances the absorption of silymarin.

Many of us believe that increasing our nutrient intake by taking dietary supplements is good for our health and our appearance. We keep up with the latest news about preventative medicine; staying out of the doctor’s office by caring for our own healthy.

But, we are not tempted by milk thistle promotions and other bargain-basement deals. We know that good supplements are not cheap. Natural ingredients cost more than synthetic ones. Finding and combining the extracts and nutrients that are proven to be most beneficial to a person’s long-term health is not an inexpensive undertaking.

So, before you decide that the latest milk thistle promotions are too good to pass up, learn more about what it takes to make a good supplement.

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