Common Uses For DNA Tests

With more DNA and genealogy tests arriving on the market, there has been a renewed public interest in DNA. DNA technology, along with tools like the the amplification kit and the array scanner, has made massive strides in recent years. Explore these many uses for DNA tests in the modern world.

Family History

Of course, the most common use for a DNA test is that of unlocking key information on family history. A paternity test is an easy way to determine true parentage. Going back further, many DNA tests can now trace back generations to discover exciting information on lineage. Whether filling in a mystery gap in family history or satisfying curiosity about the origins of a family tree, DNA tests are a critical tool.

Risk of Illness

This type of testing can also help identify genetic diseases and cancers. Family history and patterns are certainly helpful, but genetic testing is able to go one step further in identifying risks. If an individual is concerned about inheriting certain genes, or if expecting parents are working to identify any risk of passing certain patterns along to a child, it is worth consulting a genetic expert. Prenatal tests of this nature are becoming more and more common.

Pets and Animals

DNA tests are not just for humans. Applying this technology to animals and pets can assist greatly, especially for any animal owner interested in breeding. Just as people can invest in a DNA test to determine genes that run the risk of passing disease along to future generations, the same information can be applied to furry friends. On a more basic level, some simpler testing can also help identify any allergies in a pet. This knowledge ensures the best course of action in caring for a pet — a healthy animal is a happy animal. With so much technological progress being made every day, the uses for DNA tests continue to grow as well.