How Holistic Methods Can Promote Healing From Trauma and Addiction

Unhealthy relationships or emotional and physical trauma can lead to severe problems and lifelong struggles with anxiety and depression that can affect your relationships and career. If you are looking for a healing approach that is holistic New York NY, consider private or group counseling sessions that incorporate the following.

Mindfulness Meditation

This approach trains individuals to build awareness of what is happening in the present moment to change how they respond or react to their thoughts. It promotes individuals’ non-judgmental views of themselves and fosters a positive self-image.

Guided Imagery

This technique helps individuals manage emotional and physical stress by focusing on a calming mental image described by an instructor or one of their choosing. Guided imagery can relax the mind and the body by reducing tension, slowing breathing and regulating heart rate.


By practicing poses and breathing exercises associated with yoga, individuals become comfortable with various body sensations and learn to focus their minds and breath. Yoga can also release years of tension stored in the body and induce relaxation.

Music Therapy

Music provides an outlet for self-expression. It can also activate mood-boosting neurotransmitters in the brain and teach individuals to interact productively with others while creating a sense of belonging. When combined with other holistic approaches such as mindfulness mediation and yoga, music can enhance self-awareness.

Diet and Nutrition Counseling

Traumatic situations cause inflammation in the body, which can interfere with the digestive system’s nutrient absorption. Trauma or addiction can promote the consumption of large quantities of nutrient-deficient sugar, salt and unhealthy fat that temporarily boosts mood but creates a cycle of dependence leading to hormone imbalances and unhealthy weight gain. Holistic counselors can guide individuals to make non-inflammatory food choices that supply their bodies with proper nutrition to maintain balance.

If emotional trauma or addiction keeps you from achieving your life or career goals, a holistic healing approach can bring balance to your life.