How To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

One way to add value to your home is to increase its curb appeal. If you’re selling your home, what a buyer sees when they first see your house determines if they get out of the vehicle to check out the interior. Here are a few ways to make sure your home captures the attention of anyone who passes by.

Paint the Exterior

Stand on the street in front of your house and take an objective look at your home’s exterior. Does the paint look faded, or is it in a color that was fashionable a decade or two ago? Spruce it up by hiring a professional house painter Louisville to paint the exterior. He or she will also offer advice on the best color choice for your house and the best brand of paint to use. Completing this step will significantly improve the look of your home.

Trim the Shrubbery

Get out those pruning shears and cut back any shrubs that are threatening to take over your front porch or are blocking your front windows. You could completely remove the greenery and replace it with a new garden bed of flowering plants surrounded by a thick layer of smooth topsoil. To maximize the visual effect, vary the heights of the flowers and colors.

Sod the Yard

There is a reason house flippers always add fresh sod to the front yard before listing their remodeled home for sale. It instantly upgrades the look of your home. Sod is priced at around 30 cents a square foot, so it will cost about $1,500 to complete a 5,000 square foot yard. Contact your local garden center for a free estimate on the total cost, including installation, if you don’t want to complete the job yourself.

Making these few changes will freshen up the appearance of your home and boost its curb appeal.