Facts About Montessori Sensitive Periods

Many parents worry over when and if they should introduce certain skills and subjects to their children. This is not a new concern. Maria Montessori developed the theory of sensitive periods in which children will naturally develop critical life skills. These Montessori sensitive periods can be thought of as developmental windows that allow organic skill development.

What Is a Sensitive Period?

Sensitive periods in child development are times when children are intrinsically motivated to develop skills in certain areas. …

Improve Your CNA Status With These Tips

Nursing assistants, also called CNAs, are a part of the front line process for patient care. These individuals form a professional nursing team that supports the care of residents in nursing homes or long-term care facilities. With the help of healthcare staffing Chicago IL companies, it may not take long to find a great place to put your nursing skills to use. However, the following tips can help you be better at your job providing care for patients.