Heart Healthy Eating For Fat Loss

Heart Healthy Eating For Fat Loss

When it comes to keeping a fitness plan that includes a heart healthy diet, it’s important to know something about just what that means. The American Heart Association states that no more than 7% of total calories should be saturated fat in our diets, but many people have continued to eat diets high in saturated fat and trans fats. This research concludes that many deaths – over 30,000 – have been caused by heart attacks, which are caused by excess trans fat accumulation in the arteries. The solution is heart healthy eating.

Healthy eating can be beneficial not just for your heart, but for your waistline as well. To burn belly fat, we need not only a good fitness program that includes vigorous exercise every day, but also a heart healthy diet. Switching from white carbs or plain white starches in breads and pasta to whole grains can help to lower heart disease risk immensely. This also helps to get rid of belly fat by keeping water retention and excess fat caused by too many white carbs at a minimum. White carbs actually can spike hunger due to the high amount of refined sugar – while whole grains do not cause this problem.

Another aspect to heart healthy eating includes getting plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet. People who eat the minimum required servings of fruits and veggies not only reduce heart disease greatly, but can also lose stomach fat by helping the body with fresh, unprocessed foods. Vegetables are also high in fiber, which translates to feeling fuller, eating less, and having clean and healthy arteries. This reduces the risk of heart disease immensely and is a great way to lose tummy fat.

A heart healthy diets revolve around protein, whole grains, and lots of vegetables. At every meal, a ration of protein, carbs, and vegetables with heart healthy fats like olive oil should be carefully measured. By following a good, heart healthy eating plan, one can lose tummy fat and maintain or lose weight as necessary until a healthy weight is achieved. It’s also important to incorporate some flat tummy exercises into a good diet for maximum benefit.

Eating healthy is something that takes some adjustment to get used to if you have been following a processed, high fat and high sodium diet. However, with enough time to get used to eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, and whole grains with lean protein, you will find that the best way to lose belly fat is quite simple and only involves a good fitness program in conjunction with a heart healthy diet. Following these guidelines, staying lean and keeping healthy and active has never been easier. All it takes is a bit of time to wean off processed foods and adjust to eating those rich in nutrients and healthy ingredients rather than sodium, saturated, and trans fats.