Understanding the Significance of Liquid Vitamin D

Understanding the Significance of Liquid Vitamin D

Liquid Vitamin D provides double benefits to the human body. It is a nutrient and growth promoting factor for the skeletal system and on the other hand acts as a hormone. The basic role of the vitamin is to assimilate calcium and phosphorus for proper ossification of bones to promote growth and development of the human structure. The other face of the element is of a steroid which triggers the action of the parathyroid hormone for better secretion.

The availability of the vitamin is abundant from the sunlight, which suffices the need of the body. Various diets contain substantial proportion of the vitamin to be adequate for the system. Vitamin D3 is called cholecalciferol, which is present under the skin. In the exposure of the sunrays, it helps the skin to retain its glowing quality. The milk is a rich source of the vitamin and hence there should not be any situation of deficiency of the vitamin in normal condition. The vitamin is metabolized inside the body with the active support of liver and the kidney and hence any disorder of organs may result in the deficiency of the particular vitamin.

Deficiency of the vitamin may result in rickets in most children leading to deformities of bones. Osteomalacia is the result in adults due to lower intake of vitamin D. The need of the element is replenished through liquid vitamin D medication. Children should be exposed to sunlight with the proper supplementation to prevent skeletal deformities and other allied diseases arising of vitamin deficiency.

The human body is susceptible to several diseases due to the deficiency of the vitamin such as hypertension and coronary heart disease, certain types of carcinoma, osteoarthritis and depressive moods. You need to call on the doctor to verify the presence of vitamin D in the blood. Take immediate steps if you find the deficiency and follow instructions of the doctor to supplement the requirement of the vitamin.

Dosage of the medication depends on the condition of the individual. Infants and children are normally supplemented with liquid vitamin D drops in measured quantity. You must ensure proper vitamin D levels in blood to prevent deficiency related diseases and lead a healthy and growing life.