Your New Baby – Breastfeed Or Bottle-Feed?

Your New Baby – Breastfeed Or Bottle-Feed?

Deciding whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed your new baby will be one of the most important decisions you make. Breastfeeding is the healthiest choice, but not every mother and baby are able to enjoy this method of feeding. A new mother may choose to breastfeed for the first few weeks then use a bottle when it’s time to return to work. You can still provide your new baby with breast milk from a bottle but you will need to pump the milk first and this might not be so easy in the very beginning.

Breastfeeding creates a bond that is very special for both mother and baby. Although others will not be able to have this type of bond they will have different bonds that are almost as special. Be warned though, it can be harder on the mom when it comes time to quit nursing. It is almost like a depression stage, especially if this will be the last time you give birth, and it can be uncomfortable when your milk has to be absorbed back into your body. When you quit nursing it isn’t painful, but your body will make the milk for your baby and your breasts will be full but the baby won’t be relieving that pressure. If you decide to nurse or pump during this time be careful not to take much of the milk, just relieve the pressure, or your body will think the baby needs it and keep making it.

Bottle feeding is the preferred method of many mothers in today’s busy society. It allows others to help with feeding and makes it easier to leave the baby. Overall babies have done very well with formula but there are problems associated with it that aren’t found with breast milk. You may need to change your baby’s type or brand of formula because the baby can’t tolerate it. Some symptoms you need to change your formula are, but not limited to vomiting and excessive crying. A baby will usually spit up a little after burping, but any more than a teaspoon is reason for concern. Some babies are allergic to certain formulas and infant formula does not offer the natural immunities and digestive aids found in breast milk.

Both methods have benefits and drawbacks and are safe and healthy for your new baby.


Breastfeeding: It’s FREE; your milk is always handy, perfect temperature and ready in seconds, passes on natural immunities and helps with digestion

Bottle Feeding: Others can help with feeding, no more watching what you eat or drink and you get to buy some of those cute baby bottles


Breastfeeding: You need to be able to relax while feeding baby and privacy will be important. You will have to stop whatever you are doing and feed the baby yourself

Bottle Feeding: Formula can be expensive and the expense of buying formula and diapers puts a strain on any budget and there are no natural immunities passed on through formula