Goat’s Milk in Natural Skin Care Products

Goat’s Milk in Natural Skin Care Products

Goat’s milk is excellent for moisturizing your skin and helping you to maintain your youthful looks. It is commonly used in natural skin care products, and there is a very good reason for that, apart from it being natural.

In fact,  being natural is one of the major reasons why you should use goat’s milk, since many of the commercial cosmetic and skin care preparations you find on the market are useful for cleaning the floor and very little else. They contain harsh chemicals that are known to be hazardous in order to offer properties that natural products already possess.

Take the surfactants that are used to enhance absorption through the skin: they can dry it out eventually and cause the aging symptoms that you are trying to avoid by using the product. They can also enhance the absorption of harmful atmospheric pollutants through your skin, and give your body’s immune system more work to that could ultimately cause unsightly spots! All commercially manufactured ‘skin care’ products contain synthetic chemicals.

Goat’s milk contains none of these:  in fact it can be used to resolve some of the problems that commercial products can cause. Goat’s milk is very rich in the antioxidant Vitamins A and E that destroy the free radicals generated in your skin by the pollutants that the synthetic chemicals enable to pass through it. It also contains caprylic acid that modifies your skin’s pH (alkalinity) to be closer to what it should be in spite of the acidity of the surrounding atmosphere being increased by industrial pollution.

The proteins and amino acids it contains can help your body to rebuild the damaged tissues and enable you to look younger for a longer period of time.  If you want to hold back the years then goat’s milk can help you to do so. Such natural skin care products offer nothing that can harm you, unlike the big cosmetic companies that use whatever chemicals they can to simulate their properties.

Do you believe that Cleopatra had dry wrinkled skin when she seduced both Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar (but not in that order)? Goat’s milk – ass’s milk – makes no difference? Milk contains so many nutritious ingredients that any milk will be good for your skin.  Wrong!!  Goat’s milk beats ass’s milk any day, but because asses were rarer than goats in Egypt it was believed better to use their milk because it represented great wealth.

You have no need to own great wealth to use goat’s milk because it is not expensive, although it offers such strong anti-inflammatory properties that it would be worth a king’s ransom to some. You can use it to help reduce the effects on your skin of inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, acne and eczema, and can use it to keep your skin looking young. If you want to look young for longer, then goat’s milk can help to do so.

You can use harsh soaps and chemicals – that is your choice.  However, you can also use natural skin care products such as goat’s milk.  That is also your choice.  Which will you make?