Arizona, The Land of Milk and Honey

Arizona, The Land of Milk and Honey

When we relocated to the land of milk and honey, (Arizona) I actually thought it was the most unsightly place I had ever seen. The heat, the sand, the wind, The summers were unbearable if you had to go outside for a period of time, but the winters were delightful! Our Children loved it and now so do I, it is our home.

Arizona has a few cold days and quiet a few cold nights, and we have many people here for the winter from cold parts of the country and other parts of the world, we refer to these people as “snow birds”:) Some buy a retirement home here and the rumor is, If you live in Arizona you will live longer!:)

One thing that is hard for older folks to understand, when you go out during the day shopping, you will see younger people in shorts and tank tops while you are wearing sweats! The young children go to school with bare arms. I have never understood that and want to get them a sweater or jacket:)

I think the ideal way to live in Arizona is to have a home in the valley and a home in the mountains, where the air is clean, skies are even more clear and beautiful and they have lakes for fishing. They do sell little plots of land to build on and some people are building small module cabins there and they are quiet nice and not an eye sore to observe.

The people are warm and friendly. Eating out can be casual and fun or as formal as you want it to be. The malls are huge and too big for me, however, a great place to walk. Huge food courts with tables and chairs for resting relaxing or enjoying lunch. The malls are a great place to walk if you are an early bird and like to walk in the morning.

Home of the Diamond Backs ball club and a park that has a personality of its own!

The ball park has been an item of discussion all over the country since it was built. It has a dome that opens and the Arizona sky is a sight to see, gives my heart a flutter when I see it. It also has a swimming pool, A restaurant with white table cloths, a bar, chefs, television on the wall so you may watch the game and enjoy your fabulous meal with a glass of wine, if you prefer. If you have seats in the V.I.P. Area then you will have these facilities at your disposal and it has easy access from your seats, nice clean bathrooms and much more than I can write about here. The first time I saw it, I was in awe.

Arizona is a great place for seniors to retire. There is lot to do or not do whatever you chose.

Glendale has an area in ‘Old Glendale ” filled with antique shops. Fun place to go and check out old well made beautiful items that are not being made any more. They also have a good restaurant with tasty entrees. Great place to visit or live.