Connection Between Mind, Emotions and Health

Connection Between Mind, Emotions and Health

Increasingly, medical practitioners are beginning to recognize that the mind plays a vital role in the health and aging of the body. The exact connection is unclear, but in a lot of severe illnesses, research shows that people are literally “thinking / feeling” themselves into sickness.

Have you ever noticed how someone suddenly starts to look very old after a traumatic incident in their life, or after undergoing a period of grief.

On the other hand, the glow of someone who is deeply in love, is unmistakable. Isn’t the company of someone who is usually happy and cheerful more desirable than someone otherwise.

Grief, hysteria, love, joy are emotions, yet their physical impact is very noticeable externally. However, these emotions, especially the negative ones when harbored over a long period of time, don’t just affect the body externally but gradually begin to take their toll on the body internally as well. They begin to affect the sufferers organs, his immunity and energy levels and lead to an overall decrease in the cellular functioning and regeneration response of the body.

Very rarely do people have pure thoughts which are devoid of feelings and pure feelings not associated with thoughts.

For example: when you “think” of an ice cream, it’s usually associated with either a “desire” for it or a “dislike” for it. Both desire and dislike falling in the realms of feelings.

Similarly, when you feel happy, it’s usually that you are feeling happy because of “so-and-so” reason. There is a thought attached to the feeling.

However, a pure emotion would be unconditional love – often mentioned but rarely ever experienced.

According to esoteric books, the thought itself is not a cause of our illnesses, its the undue emotion that we attach to it that manifests as physical problems over time. e.g a person has a thought of making an “x” amount of money. The thought itself is not the cause for concern. It’s the desire, and the anxiety and the stress and other such emotions that are overlaid on the thought itself, that eventually begin to take their toll on the person’s health. Therefore, if the target is achieved, there is happiness and maybe even relief and the body literally relaxes. But if the target is missed, it leads to low self esteem, anxiety maybe even grief and depression, leading to the body “stressing out”.

Therefore, if we can think / feel ourselves into sickness, then the road to recovery should also lie somewhere in our thinking- feeling vehicle, which is referred to as the astral-mental body by theosophists!!

Like they say ” Happy people are simply healthier people”.

Energy Healing is a very powerful tool in dealing with our emotions and thoughts.