3 Ways To Take Good Care of Yourself This Year

No matter what challenges you might be facing, a solid self-care plan is a necessity. It’s a foundation for lifelong physical, mental, and emotional health, and will help support you through all your seasons of life. While considering your self-care plan, you might find the idea overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be elaborate — simple is best. Here are three key ways to take good care of yourself this year.

1. Stay Stable

Be sure that you get sufficient sleep and downtime, and identify relationships and stressors that are causing you to feel less than serene. Find a way to increase positive inputs, and decrease negative inputs. Do you have personal habits that are making life hard to manage? Do a search for a service like an intensive outpatient program Austin TX for professional support.

2. Stay Connected

It’s more important now than ever to stay connected with healthy, life-giving relationships. If you can see these people IRL, all the better. Keep in mind your unique temperament when deciding how much time to spend with others. Also, consider your relationship with your spiritual source of support, and make space for it to be a consistent connection.

3. Stay Active

Get the right amount and type of exercise for your particular body and lifestyle. Check with a trusted health practitioner for advice and clearance. Move and stretch throughout the day to maintain your flexibility, stamina, and range of motion. Staying active also has to do with immersing yourself in activities that you love and put you in a state of pleasurable flow. It might be what you do for a living, it might be a hobby, or it might be volunteering with those who are less fortunate.

Taking good care of yourself involves being intentional and proactive. Try these suggestions to boost your vitality.