Anyone Can Still Live Healthy With Degenerative Disc Disease

Anyone Can Still Live Healthy With Degenerative Disc Disease

Some people are affected with changes in the shape and function of spinal disc due to age. Normally spinal discs are soft in nature and are interconnected by locking mechanism of the rib bones. The spinal disc offers great support for performing various activities in daily life. It facilitates bending, turning and twisting movements of the body. However when the balance is lost in the spinal discs it may give rise to degenerative disc disease (DDD) which may affect the lower back of the spine causing back-pain.


There are various causes for getting disc disease. Age, loss of fluid, small cracks in the disc area can cause this illness. It may also be caused by Osteo-arthritis which is tearing up of cartilages or soft tissues between the joints. An excessive bulging in the muscles can cause pain in the disc and in some cases the spinal canal to become narrow thus restricting the open space causing intense pain. When there is loss of fluid in the disc it results in reduced flexibility and even cause rubbing of disc causing chronic pain in the area. Any external injury can tear apart the outer layer of the disc destroying the jelly like substance in the disc. As a result the disc may get bulged or sometimes it breaks up into fragments.

Who are most affected?

People who are smoking regularly and those who are engaged in high weight lifting procedures are prone to get DDD. Obesity may also bring arthritis problem along with disc degeneration. Sometimes acute injury can contribute to this disease and slowly trigger the degeneration of disc.


For immediate relief from pain you can make use of hot and cold treatment in the area. Applying ice or hot water therapy may alleviate the pain in the back portion providing respite to the affected person. Doctors prescribe medications like acetaminophen and other anti inflammatory drugs for treating pain. Drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen may help in reducing the intensity of pain. The pain is felt only on the affected area and not on the entire body. For some it may affect the lower back, and for others there may be considerable pain in neck and arms. Physiotherapy is highly recommended for treating degenerative disc disease and it should be done as per the doctor’s advice. In extreme cases surgery is done if the disease does not respond to any other treatment. In severe cases, the surgery is done to fuse the bone for protecting the spine.

However the ideal way to get rid of this problem is to habituate to live with it.