Chocolate – Every Child’s First Love

Chocolate – Every Child’s First Love

Chocolate, a sweet confectionery, loved mostly by children, is made from the beans of cacao or cocoa tree. Cocoa tree is a tropical tree grown in many countries. In a raw state the beans tastes bitter. Chocolate, the word is said to have originated from the word “xocotati”, means bitter water. The chocolate we see is obtained after processing the cocoa beans. The raw beans went through many stages of processing.

The cocoa beans get dried in sunlight. After that cleaning process will be taking place. It has to be roasted and then the dried and strong shell has to be removed to get the cocoa nibs inside. Then it goes through the grinding process. The result will be the cocoa mass which is the raw form of pure chocolate. It is in a liquefied form which is then molded to various shapes and forms according the market choice. Before molding, sugar and other ingredients for different taste and smell are added.

There are brown chocolates and milk chocolates available in the market. In milk chocolate, the cocoa content is less whereas milk powder or condensed milk is added with sufficient sugar and other necessary ingredients. Sugarless chocolates are also available. Chocolate is considered energetic because of its alkaloids content. The alkaloids (Theo bromine and Phynethylamine) constitute the body to become energetic.

It also said to have the power to reduce the blood pressure. The antioxidant content of chocolate reduces free radical formation. Africa is now the top producer of cocoa. Among other cocoa grower, India is also keeping its position.

There are more than a dozen different products of chocolate available now in the market. Chocolate milk to drink, chocolate cakes, chocolate bars, candies, cocoa drinks, and chocolate beverages are also available. Many companies are taking part in the business of chocolate and other co-products. As a stimulant that energizes the body, it is commonly used as a health drink. Once the cocoa growers were getting a high price for the cocoa they produce, when the cocoa production was reduced due to natural calamity.