Getting Back In The Game

Getting Back In The Game

Well per doctor’s orders I had to take a break from working out so I stayed away from the gym for almost 2 weeks. When I went back today I was glad to see my trainer but the scale was not so nice to me. I had gained 2 lbs during my 2 week rest. I was not happy, but this weight gain made me want to workout harder.

Now I’ll be honest with you, back in the day I would have been real discouraged by the 2 lb weight gain. In my old mind-set I would have told myself to just accept the fact that I’m a big girl and forget about working out cause nothing will change. Well, that’s not the mind-set I’m in now. I took a good look around the gym and realized that I was among people who were in the same mind-set as me and we were all there to get and stay healthy. Knowing this pushed me into a positive state of mind so I headed to the treadmill and burned 300 calories today.

Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that being in the right frame of mind and surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a key factor in success and reaching your goals. This same concept works if you are trying to lose weight and get healthy. I remember going to a gas station where I ran into one of my church members. She had a pastry in her hand when we exchanged hello’s. She complimented me on my weight loss and then noticed that I had a green tea, banana and a small bag of peanuts in my hand. As we talked she said that seeing what I was snacking on made her change her mind about getting the pastry, so she put it back and got some water instead. Being around like-minded people will help you get back on track and keep you accountable when it comes to trying to reach your weight loss goals.

Now if you find it hard to get motivated then think about this. In 2007 the US Census reported 71,382 deaths due to complications of diabetes and 616,067 deaths due to heart disease and these numbers keep growing every year. You increase your chance of getting one of these deadly diseases if you are over weight. I don’t know about you, but I refuse to be another statistic. Diabetes runs in my family and not wanting to get this disease was the main reason I decided to get back in the game and get myself in the gym.

What’s keeping you from getting back in the game? Do you feel like working out is too hard? Maybe you feel like you just don’t have time. Well, when you decided to put yourself first and make some small sacrifices you’ll discover that you are more important than any excuse that keeps you over weight. Get motivated to workout and get back in the game. You have nothing to lose but weight.