Everything You Need To Know About Insuring Your Horse

The horses you own — whether used for commercial or personal purposes — can fall victim to health problems or be at fault of liability the same as their human owners. That is why finding the perfect horse insurance plan can help you manage the health setbacks of your equestrian friends and more.

Horse Health Insurance

Health insurance for horses works the same way as health insurance for humans. Monthly premiums and deductibles in the short term will be met with the insurer making payments on large portions of whatever health services your horses need. Without health insurance, you could be paying thousands or tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket a year to keep your horse in good health.

Horse Mortality Insurance

Should your horse unfortunately pass away, a horse mortality policy will make a payout to the owner. Horse theft is also covered in most of these plans, and yes, it still does occur in America. In order to obtain this policy, a horse must be in good health and under a certain age limit set by the insurance provider.

Business Liability Insurance

If your horses are used for commercial purposes, such as horseback riding or a youth camp, you will need insurance to protect against liability the same as any other business. Liability insurance will help shield you from financial loss should a horse injure a patron or damage property.

Event Liability

If you host a horse shows or other forms of entertainment on your property, you can be exposed to liability. Regardless of whether or not an event is ran to make money, liability claims can still sink the enterprise and those responsible for managing it.

The safety and health of your horses mean everything to you. Protect yourself and the future of each horse by investing in quality insurance that can shoulder some of the financial burden that comes with raising horses.