The Tastiest Milk? Organic Valley Of Course!

The Tastiest Milk? Organic Valley Of Course!

Have you tried milk produced by Organic Valley? They are one of the top independently owned producers of top quality organic milk in the United States, with more than 1600 farmers and producers forming a vast cooperative. Unlike many other producers, Organic Valley are one of the original “organic only” producers that have been producing high quality produce since 1988. From then till now, their focus has been on producing natural and nutritious produce for people like you and I who are concerned about the growing number of “unnatural” additives in our modern produce.

Organic Valley is now recognized as the number one source of organic milk in the USA, drawing from their “organic only” roots to create a supply chain of great tasting dairy produce. Their interests are always aligned with sustainable growth and development of their farms, because after all they are a cooperative that is owned by their own members. Therefore you can be sure that all the proceeds go back to ensuring the quality of the organic milk that is being produced by these farms.

Why You Should Choose Organic Valley Milk

The key to how great Organic Valley milk and other dairy products is the quality of their pasture. They ensure that all their cows have a healthy mix of pasture plants that gives them the nutrition they need to produce sweet, natural milk that is tasty. It’s no wonder that their happy, healthy cows produce the best milk! Because their cows are always in great health, very few of them need to be injected with antibiotics and other dangerous chemicals that you’ll find in “normal milk”. They employ a number of veterinarians and animal wellness experts on staff to ensure that their cows stay healthy, and have a high quality of life. This formula ensures that everyone, from the farmers, to you the customer, gets the very best.

There’s no doubt that this organic milk far exceeds the standards set out by the USDA, and in fact they are far beyond most of their major competitors in all the key areas of their organic produce. So if you’re considering making the switch to organic, why not give Organic Valley a try, and see just how good their organic dairy products are? You’ll only have them to thank for your family’s ongoing health and enjoyment of this top quality milk! Best of luck to you finding the milk you and your family deserves.