Treating Repetitive Strain Injuries

When people experience a Repetitive Strain Injury, it is typically the result of performing the same type of motion over and over again. The motion itself may not seem like something that would cause significant injury, but the act of doing it repeatedly can take a toll on one or more areas of the body. Here are a few important things to know about possible treatments for these injuries.

Immediate Rest Could Be Necessary

Once you have identified that something you are doing is causing an RSI, you will probably need to stop doing it or modify how you are doing it in order to give the injured area time to rest and heal. A more permanent type of modification may be necessary to avoid reaggravating your injury while it is still healing or reinjuring the same area long after it has healed.

Workers’ Compensation May Provide You With Benefits for Treatment

RSI often happens due to people’s job-related duties. Jobs over a variety of industries including administrative work make people vulnerable to injury because they have to perform the same tasks repeatedly throughout their workday. When this type of injury happens on the job, people can make a claim for workers’ compensation in order to address medical expenses. To get help with benefits for work-related injuries Oregon, reach out to someone who has experience providing counsel about eligibility, applications, and appeals.

Supportive Braces Can Alleviate Discomfort

Wearing a supportive brace can take a lot of the strain off of an area that is causing you pain due to an RSI. Mitigating strain and pain can expedite the healing process while also helping to assure that joints function stably. They may also be useful in preventing reinjury.

Some RSIs can be difficult to treat effectively. The earlier they are diagnosed, the easier they may be to treat.